NewLink Publishers: NewLink wants to review manuscripts in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Horror.  We are looking for authors whose novels are written in active voice with minimal passive voice, and a clear, fixed point of view. If your work falls short of our standards, we supply a short evaluation as to why your work was rejected.  After fixing any major problems, you may resubmit, your work, along with a letter of explanation as to the improvements made.

Ink & Quill Publishers: We want to review manuscripts in the genres of General Fiction, Romance, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, and Non-Fiction.  Bear in mind that we are looking for novels written up to today’s standards, ie active voice with a clear, fixed point of view, minimal use of adverbs in exposition and minimal passive voice. If your work falls short of our standards, we supply a short evaluation as to why your work was rejected. As with Newlink, after fixing any major problems, you may resubmit, your work, along with a letter of explanation as to the improvements made.

Read Submissions Guidelines       Ink & Quill   NewLink

Due to many misunderstandings, we must be blunt. A quote we found on the internet “Profanity: A feeble mind’s attempt to express itself forcibly.We do not publish stories using specific “curse” words. The F-Bomb is unacceptable as is the S-Bomb. They are used for shock value and a good wordsmith can find better ways to make their characters expressive. We publish family-oriented stories, so this is a strict rule for us. No matter how good your story is, we will reject it for those reasons alone. You can clean it up and resubmit if you so desire. We will reconsider it a second time.

  1. Please include your FULL contact information
    1. Full name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Email address
  2. A 1 page synopsis including:
    1. Word count (This is a must) Preferred Word Count  55,000-85,000+ words 
    2. Genre (Science Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction\, etc.)
    3. Main character
    4. Stumbling blocks keeping the main character from reaching his / her goals
    5. How does it end
  3. In the header of the manuscript Please include:
    1. Title
    2. Author’s full name
    3. Chapter & Page #
    4. Word Count
  4. First three chapters of the manuscript
    1. Please give us at least a 1’ border around each page of the the text for internal  notes



Submissions Staff

Jo A. Wilkins Acquisitions 
Jo is looking for almost anything in the way of a submission except fantasy. She is a content editor for Ink & Quill and NewLink and will not read anything that conflicts with their submissions guidelines. Her main interests are science fiction, mystery, historical, memoirs and educational material (but it has to have an interesting presentation). She does not read or enjoy romance based novels. Contact me at


Richard Draude IT and Book Covers
While working behind the scenes on book covers, and keeping our computers and servers running, Richard is also one of the people who reads all our submission. As a writer of Science Fiction and an avid reader of Scifi and Fantasy, he offers valuable insight into a manuscript’s potential.



Janelle Evans
Janelle Evans is the author of the Rory’s Choice Series and the Young Adult novel Stuffed Souls. An avid reader, she has dabbled in every genre, but her favorites often fall into the Young Adult or New Adult category. As an editor, novels that interest her will have a strong opening—a hook that engages by at least the end of the first chapter. The characters need to have dimension, beyond just action and dialogue, with a clear POV throughout the story. She’s typically not the biggest fan of dystopian plots, but there have been a few through the years that exceeded her predictability issues and kept her reading long into the night. However, foul language and graphic sex scenes are a no for her. Yes, teenagers may swear and grope in their daily lives, but she is a believer that as authors, we should raise those impressionable minds from the gutter as much as possible.  Contact me at


Denice Whitmore  I read juvenile fiction, young adult, scifi, young adult paranormal romance and historical fiction as well. I have edited fantasy and mainstream literature.  I do not like, nor will I read, submissions of erotica or those with excessive swearing. I look forward to working with seasoned and new authors alike. I enjoy the editing process and love being one of the first to read a good book. Contact me at


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